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Our New Upcoming products

Currently we are developing other calcium phosphate powder products such as β-tricalcium phosphate, α-tricalcium phosphate and biphasic calcium phosphates with wide variety of particle sizes.


  1. β-TCP powders

(a) β-TCP powders for applications such as manufacturing of composites with polymer as primary phase. These polymer-bioceramic composites can further be utilized to develop interference screws, sutures and bone screws which are recognized as medical implant composites.

(b) β-TCP powders for coating applications imparting highly adhesive and bioreactive coating on metallic implants facilitating rapid osseointegration with the surrounding bone cells.

(c) β-TCP powders for synthesizing porous granules as well as dense granules with wide range of granules size.

(2) α-TCP powders

α-TCP powders for applications such as synthesizing highly resorbable bone cements. With the varied particle size of α-TCP powders it can be utilized to develop variety of injectable cement slurries having rapid settling time and excellent cohesive property with bone cells and tissues.

(3) Biphasic calcium phosphate powders

BCP powders are the mixer of two phases primarily hydroxyapatite (HA) and β-TCP in the optimum ratio. BCP are highly known for their excellent resorbability very similar to the ingrowth and development process for new bone. The gradual solubility of BCP with the release of calcium and phosphate ions facilitates new bone formation. This process concept makes them as excellent alternatives to autografts, allografts and xenografts.

Ceramat is developing the BCP powders with variable HA:β-TCP weight ratios which will primarily be utilized to manufacture synthetic bone graft materials for filling bone defects and gaps. These abnormilities in bone are developed through injury, trauma or surgical complexities. Combined with the excellent osteoconductive nature along with microporosity and macroporosity similar to the living human bone, BCP synthetic bone grafts can be utilized in spinal bone defects, extremeties, pelvis and dental defects.

(4) Doped HA

The biological apatite is primarily substituted with multiple monovalent, divalent, trivalent ions. These multivalence ionic impurities in the apatite structure of living bone facilitate different functionalities. To develop a more close similarity with living bone, hydroxyapatite can be doped with various divalent and monovalent ions (such as Ag+, Mg2+,Fe2+/3+, Sr2+, etc.) in its structure to get improved osteoconductivity, antibacterial effect.

Ceramat is developing these doped HA products for multiple R&D applications, pharma industries and other applications

Phase Pure Hydroxyapatite is the pioneering offering with high chemical purity (assay >99%), indigenously prepared for unparalleled affordability and consistent nano-grade morphological properties to match quality expectations in multifaceted biomedical and clinical applications.