Explore Our Hydroxyapatite Solutions for Diverse Industries

Tailored Applications for Bio-Medical, Oral Care, Cosmetics, Food and Pharma, and Research


Our high-performance hydroxyapatite solutions tailored for biomedical applications, offering exceptional biocompatibility and structural similarity to natural bone for various orthopedic and tissue engineering needs.

Oral Care

Incorporate our hydroxyapatite into your oral care products to deliver a comprehensive oral health solution. Hydroxyapatite’s  remineralizing properties help strengthen enamel, reduce sensitivity, and promote overall oral health.


We offer research-grade hydroxyapatite powder  to support your scientific endeavors. Our hydroxyapatite is well-characterized and highly pure, ensuring reliable and reproducible results in your research.

Food & Pharma

Our food & pharma grade hydroxyapatite products are ideal for a variety of applications. They can be used as a dietary calcium supplement, a food additive for bone health, or even as a drug delivery carrier.


Integrate our hydroxyapatite into your cosmetic formulations to achieve smoother skin, improved texture, and enhanced product stability, providing consumers with effective skincare solutions.